Here is a step by step guide to illustrate how the Shipr app works.

Step 1 - Install Amazon FBA Shipr App. Connect your Amazon Seller account, configure your preferences, and activate 'Ship with FBA' via the app dashboard.

Step 2 - A customer places an order on Shopify. Shipr app reads the order and it can be seen in the app dashboard.

Step 3 - Based on the order data, the Shipr app initiates a fulfillment request on Amazon FBA. This step can be manual or automated based on your settings.

Step 4 - As the shipment gets confirmed by Amazon FBA, the Shipr app updates the order status as 'Fulfilled' on Shopify. The customers receive a confirmation email.

Step 5 - After a few hours, Amazon FBA makes the tracking information available. The Shipr app updates the Shopify order with the same tracking information. The customer receives a tracking notification as per the settings in Shopify.

Step 6 - Changes in shipment status are visible in the app dashboard.

Step 7 - Amazon delivers the package to the customer. Shipr app updates the Shopify order as 'Delivered' and the customer receives the notification.

The image below shows the timeline of the order